Angel Card Readings

Receive an angel card reading from either:Doreen Virtue's cards

  • Angel Card packs that you are familiar with
  • Angel cards you feel drawn to
  • Choose our angel or fairy cards to receive a reading

Type of readings available:

12 month spread – Receive forecast & guidance for the year ahead using Angel Tarot Cards. Please choose your type of reading below in the drop box how you would like the reading delivered to you. If you would like a shorter reading, please scroll further.

Type of reading

Short Angel or Fairy card readings

Type of reading

Email: for a time and day

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3 thoughts on “Angel Card Readings

  1. Thank you so much Justine! You are spot on!!! You are very gentle with your delivery but at the same time assertive. There were things I needed to hear but didn’t want to and thank you for this. I know I do control sometimes but when I wrote things down and read it later it all made sense – thank you Claire/London

  2. Wow – I loved the card reading – I did the 12 month spread – what I like is how you give us information on how things are in my life currently and how I am creating it as well as how I can change it. I love the tools and suggestions – It really helped me gain perspective – thank you so much! Mel/SA

  3. Thank you Justine, you always seem to stay professional and not feed into my fears. You don’t give me the answers I want to hear lol – because I control!!! Thank you for being straight and to the point. I feel very safe when I have readings with you. Karen/West Sussex

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