Enchanted Fairy Garden Workshop

I’m so excited to share this journey with you. You have chosen this course because you www.angeldivinity.comlove the spirit world especially the elemental kingdom and have a connection knowing that you have a mission, purpose to change and add to people’s lives.

Whatever type of life you have experienced growing up to be an adult, spirit and especially the fairies have led you to remember your innocence you once experienced as a child.You always have known you are different, couldn’t fit in with the ‘normal’ human school program, always looked through your eyes as an adventure and of course loved fairies

www.angeldivinity.comTo be able to do this course, you need to have a deep connection with the fairies and spirit world (even just pure respect no matter how much you know about the spirit world). At times when you may be asking why whilst reconnecting with the fairies. This transformation will give you adaptable skills to use in the human world.

What will you receive during this exciting weekend?www.angeldivinity.com



Day 1: 11h30am to 16h30pm

  • We will be creating our fairy water features
  • Sculpting our glow in the dark fairies
  • Speaking about the importance our purpose supports the fairies
  • How the fairies can help us when we help them

Day 2: 10am to 14h00pm

  • We will be building our fairy gardens
  • Decorating our water features and fairies
  • Choosing flowers connected with fairies
  • Connecting with flower essences and learning how fairies communicate through nature

Our weekend is 19th and 20th September

Materials included in the price:www.angeldivinity.com

  • Fairy bowl
  • Compost
  • Fairy flowers
  • Tools to make the fairy accessories
  • Clay
  • Glitter
  • Water feature accessories
  • Fairy accessories
  • Materials to make the fairy accessories

Only 6 spaces are provided – Have a look at our introduction video below :

Fairy weekend options

www.angeldivinity.com www.angeldivinity.com










2 thoughts on “Enchanted Fairy Garden Workshop

  1. I love this! Very light with great meditations and your voice is so calming. There is just enough information and it takes me away from the world for a day. Thank you Kerry/London

  2. I’m always looking for ways to grow my spiritual connection and sometimes don’t trust myself. I enjoy these sessions – very cost effective considering what you receive from the whole experience – just wish I could travel to you! Jo/London

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