Commissioned Painting Readings

Allow my paintbrush to paint a picture of your personal guide

Sizes and prices vary and can be commissioned to your personal tastes, colours and budget.

Commissions from canvases to murals of any size and any spiritual belief.




How does it work?

  • Time & date arranged to speak over the phone.
  • Look at the paintings on the website to give you inspiration on colours, positions and beings.
  • Decide on a size canvas & where you would want to place the painting
  • Feedback info & receive quote over the phone on date arranged to speak. Email confirmation of what you would like
  • Pay by bank transfer.
  • Painting is then channelled and completed.
  • More time is spent with the being painted & messages as well as guidance are given from your being. This is not done with you in the room or over the phone.
  • A time is arranged to give you feedback over the phone or feedback given when you collect the painting. (feedback time depending on size of painting)
  • Option to collect the painting & receive the reading in person
  • Option to have the painting posted (prices exclude postage)
Augustine www.angeldivinity.comWhere can my paintings be placed & how can I use them?
  • Lounge / dining area
  • Any room where you spend a lot of time
  • Treatment rooms
  • Guest rooms
  • Business receptions
  • Types of painting ideas:
  • Chakra paintings
  • Healing room paintings
  • Flow of abundance in business/therapy rooms
  • Specified colour / symbols for specific healing methods  (the being can be holding the symbol)
  • Spiritual books written / angel cards channelled by you
  • Banners/posters for fairs
  • More than one painting can be ordered


Painting sizes


Prices exclude postage – prices are researched and you are given the price

Sizes are approximate depending on canvas sizes available. Canvases may be slightly larger or smaller than the basic size given for price guidance.

5 thoughts on “Commissioned Painting Readings

  1. I had a reading that went on for 1 hour and 30 minutes with Justine Van de Weg and I have to express and record what an amazing experience this was on my journey of life.
    Justine is a beautiful energy and she shines her light so very brightly onto whoever she comes into contact with. Each time I have connected with this gem of a women I have felt healing on so many levels enabling me to move forward again in my life.
    Firstly, Justine’s style is amazing and unique. We met on skype at an agreed time and she talked to me whilst in trance and creating the artwork using oils on a large canvas. I managed to record our conversation and recommend that others do the same as there is so much information for you to take on and work with. I put make-up on for this skype reading and I want to add that I wish I didn’t bother as I cried so many healing tears throughout our session. All the make-up was gone in the first 30 minutes!  There was so much acknowledging, loving and releasing on many levels.
    Throughout the session I could feel my guide healing my body and connecting with me telepathically giving me images and sending me emotions. At points in my reading I could very tangibly feel my guides hand on my shoulder or embrace of her wings.
    This kind of reading with Justine isn’t just about a breath-taking and priceless painting – this is a VERY healing experience for you and the other people involved in your life.
    Justine’s guides are very evolved beings and help her to get straight to important issues that need healing. Justine revisits many experiences that you have had on your many journeys on Earth in many incarnations. She brings light to areas that need it.
    The energy that Justine brought through for me is an energy that has been working with me for a long time who has been drawing closer and closer to me in recent months. To see the energy of my guide ‘katya’ at the end of the reading really was the cherry on top of the cake.
    Nothing feels unresolved when the reading is finished. Healing has taken place and new focus has been given. What a gift!
    I feel so very blessed and honoured to have had this experience with Justine and I encourage anyone who is thinking of having a reading to go for it with her!!!
    Frankey Craig ~ 4/7/12

  2. Big thank you Justine for my beautiful painting, I cannot stop looking at it! You clearly have a great talent (beyond your painting ability) to touch on so many relevant issues. Beyond that, and so importantly for me, is the knowledge and guidance you have offered. The books you have recommended been so thought provoking and relevant to me, and I really feel their insight will have a positive long term impact. Thank you so much!

  3. i actually liked your paintings alot and i wanted to actually get tips, not actually tips but how did u that ? whats had come to your mind to do this paintings. and your paintings are really atractive
    thankyou and please do reply

  4. LOVED my painting – just what I wanted and the reading that comes with it just blows my mind! Def priced correctly for the amount of love, time and the full reading afterwards!!! What a treat and would def do this again!!! Thank you Catherine/Brighton

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