Fairy Readings

Receive guidance from these beautifully channelled fairies

How to work with these cards:

  • Calm yourself down by taking three deep breaths
  • Ask your question
  • Look at the spread of cards below and click on the image you feel drawn to
  • Receive your message
  • (Please be aware that the angels and fairies give you information or answers based on what you need to hear at the time. If you ask out of fear or control – this can affect your reading)

Week day Fairy Cards 

Manifesting Fairy Cards – Work with these fairies to help you develop your manifesting

Fairy Cards – The deep healers who support you through emotional changes

Would you like to have the fairies close for quick messages?

Buy the eBooks and the fairy cards – you receive:

  • eBook with all the fairy card meanings
  • PDF template to print off all the fairy cards
  • You can laminate and cut the cards to fit in your pocket
  • Email justine@angeldivinity to receive a link to pay
  • Prices:
  • Week day fairy cards – £3.50
  • Manifesting fairy cards – £4.50
  • Fairy cards £5
  • Buy all for £10


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