How Does It Work?

Ariel www.angeldivinity.comI am honored to share a beautiful gift with you. I work with beautiful spiritual beings who use me as their paint brush. I find I am meeting unknown angels, fairies and other beings who give clear guidance, help you with personal obstacles, healing and support.

When your painting is finished, it allows you to stay connected to this being where you can take your ‘reading’ home with you but on canvas. You will be able to frequently connect, meditate receiving guidance and messages.


I like to think of these paintings as windows which are opened when I paint.These beings bless your home and everyone who enters.

Paintings can be done via skype, over the phone and then posted to your address.

Chamuel www.angeldivinity.comHow does it work?

  • Email your questions through
  • Painting is channeled and painted once payment clears
  • Once the painting is complete a 30 minute reading is given over the phone/skype
  • When the painting is dry, the painting is posted to your home. (Maximum 7 days before dispatch)
  • For more in depth personal & specialised painting readings – please look on the spiritual paintings commissions page.
  • More than one painting can be ordered

Time frames and energy exchange:



Gabriel www.angeldivinity.comWhat comes out in the reading?

Angels are there to give you guidance on how to handle your current situations. They do not tell the future or give you the answers you want to hear. I find when people are wanting to control situations in their lives, they find it hard to receive clear guidance from the angels and possibly disagree with the information. Angels are like parents, they can only suggest and give you information that is clear. You have a choice to accept their guidance. It is best to record your reading so that you can hear it when you are in a calmer state of mind.


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