How To Create Dynamic Angel & Fairy Cards

We help adults who have channelled messages who want to learn how to;

  • Create their own artwork and present them as angel or fairy cards
  • Make their own angel or fairy cards (even if they think they cannot draw or paint)
  • Simple and effective tools to create your own card decks with confidence (without wasting years to learn how to draw or paint)

Through our research helping people develop their psychic artistic skills over 13 years we have discovered easy tips to be able to draw or paint dynamic spiritual art and stand out from the crowd whilst bringing your uniqueness into your artwork.

This dynamic psychic art workshop will be giving you access to:

  1. Easy tools & techniques to create many angel or fairy cards within a short time space
  2. New steps to create dynamic artwork in proportion and vibrant colours creating a set of your own painted 12- month fairy or angel cards to take home
  3. All our secrets to channel, access and learn how to discover your uniqueness.

All this amazing value for your £97.00 investment!

Purchase more than one workshop and you will receive;

  • Online spiritual painting course How to paint angels in detail or a fairy in my pocket e-book and cards to print off to carry around for clear messages
  • A 12-month angel or fairy card reading
  • All this worth valued at £97.00 as our free gift to you!

How To Create Dynamic Angel & Fairy Cards   Oil paints. Fairy painted in 15 minutes

Saturday 15th July 2017 – FULLY BOOKED

Included in the price;

  • 12 Mini Canvas Cards
  • Paints
  • Brushes
  • Cleaning Materials
  • Glitter
  • Use of Easel & Palette Board
  • Tea / Coffee
  • All this amazing value for your £97.00 investment!

Demonstration video:


To ensure you receive the nurturing and attention you deserve we only have 4 to 8 attendees on each workshop.


          Claim My Free Gift worth £97.00 (I have booked more than 1 workshop)

4 thoughts on “How To Create Dynamic Angel & Fairy Cards

  1. I have done spiritual retreats with Justine. I am a complete beginner, have no idea of painting at all! I love painting but was very scared until I did one of her retreats. She taught me how to just let go and trust – I couldn’t believe how my paintings turned out! They were in 3 dimension and just beautiful! I stare at my paintings every day and don’t want to sell them! this psychic course is on my to do list as I’ve seen how Justine paints at fairs – I had a mini painting reading and she created this amazing being in 15 minutes!!!! I now LOVE painting and am so inspired!!! Thank you. Frances/London

  2. I can’t draw or paint and I find it difficult to channel spirit. I’m not always sure if I’m doing things right. You showed me how to relax and how to know when spirit is speaking to me. I felt very safe as you have so much knowledge that I knew if I made a mistake it could be easily fixed! I’m amazed thank you!!! Jo/London

  3. At first I thought that the course was quite pricey, but then when I attended the course I understood. Not only are you getting constant attention, techniques and support, but there is contact after the course. I like how you want people to succeed and help me be able to be successful in my business. I now feel you charge too little for everything I have received from this course! Thank you! Kerry/West Sussex

  4. The course is definitely not what I expected! I’ve attended so many spiritual classes that are light and fluffy! Which is great as I LOVE angels and fairies and working with spirit. You showed me the balanced side in how us humans interfere and grounding basics. I always thought you just let things come to you – which is part of it. You showed me how to help myself with spirit. I worked and cleared so much emotional hurt that I didn’t know from childhood that came to the surface and I felt so safe knowing you were there to guide me with support. I can now say – I CAN PAINT!!!! In proportion of course! Thank you Jean/Storrington

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