How to go from Beginner to Pro as a Successful Psychic artist

Taking your channeling for clients to an amazing level

Are you a successful psychic medium & can give clear messages but are limited in

Oil paints. Fairy painted in 15 minutes

Oil paints. Fairy painted in 15 minutes

your drawing knowledge when channeling?

I meet so many amazing talented mediums and psychic artists who can clearly communicate with spirit. They can draw  whilst they are channeling but very limited in drawing/painting skills. Most psychic artists I meet can only work in one art medium (E.g. pastels or pencil). Like any skill it is developed and mastered to be used creatively to help others.

If you are thinking what if you learn drawing skills will it interfere with your channeling?

Absolutely not! I’ve been doing psychic art for more than 7 years. My background was originally art schooling – having this extra knowledge enabled me to give clients more than what they were investing in. When you learn the rules and techniques, you are taught how to break them with spirit and trust their guidance.

With this course you are taught:

Channeled & painted in an hour (Huge canvas painted on stage)

Channeled & painted in an hour (Huge canvas painted on stage)

  • Basic proportions of the face at frontal view
  • Detailed techniques when drawing eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair
  • Techniques & exercises to practice giving you confidence when giving your clients readings through psychic art
  • How spirit changes your art work to give even more deeper readings for your clients
  • How to work with charcoal, soft pastels, acrylic and oil paints giving you more options to offer your clients
  • How to create atmosphere & ‘break’ the rules to drawing

Do you know how to draw but battle to give your portraits depth?

With tried and successful techniques you learn all there is to know about shading and working with the art materials to be able to bring your portraits to life as well as stand up off the canvas

How about animals? If you don’t want do learn how to channel faces?

Original: £1500 Prints: Small (A4) £20 Large (A2) £50

Original: £1500
Small (A4) £20
Large (A2) £50

Absolutely!! Everyone loves animals as well as painting individuals power animals with a message. The course is adapted if you would prefer to learn about channeling animals

Do you spend quite a long time doing a reading for a client when doing psychic art?

Detailed channeled fairy painted in half an hour

Detailed channeled fairy painted in half an hour

When I have attended psychic fairs I see how psychic artists spend so much time doing one piece of art and not being able to be flexible with their time or prices. Here you learn how to do shorter time frames and be able to offer your clients many options giving you freedom and rest during your channeling. I have been able to do a very detailed face in 15 minutes with oil paints! Anything can be done when you are channeling spirit & have the correct tools to support you.

How is the course taught?

There are two options available to you:

  • 3 weekends to attend in Worthing West Sussex           (Only 6 spaces available or one to one on specific days)
  • Online training videos

Each module is over 2 days. Dates are confirmed with booking

Module 1 – Basics to drawing & channeling:

  • Proportions of the face, detail of eyes, nose & mouth
  • Channeling whilst drawing covering:
  • Protection, how you channel whilst drawing in detail
  • How to know you are controlling, speaking through your senses and the senses of the drawing.

Module 2 – Basics to adding dimension & atmosphere to your work:

  • Proportions of the ears, how to handle hair.
  • Basics to 3 Dimension, cast shadows & Edges in art
  • Giving readings with colour, allowing spirit to take over your hands with skilled knowledge
  • How to give readings from your art work channeled over and above your channeled message

Module 3 – Applying your skills to another level with art materials

  • Learning how to get the best out of art materials and explore with charcoal, soft pastels, acrylic and oil paints
  • Working within time frames with spirit
  • Building confidence with your skills in art with channeling

Please click on the link below for more information:

How is the course taught

Online training:

This is for individuals who don’t want to do the full training and would just like to watch online video techniques to help them practice more with drawing skills

Demonstration video:



4 thoughts on “How to go from Beginner to Pro as a Successful Psychic artist

  1. I have done spiritual retreats with Justine. I am a complete beginner, have no idea of painting at all! I love painting but was very scared until I did one of her retreats. She taught me how to just let go and trust – I couldn’t believe how my paintings turned out! They were in 3 dimension and just beautiful! I stare at my paintings every day and don’t want to sell them! this psychic course is on my to do list as I’ve seen how Justine paints at fairs – I had a mini painting reading and she created this amazing being in 15 minutes!!!! I now LOVE painting and am so inspired!!! Thank you. Frances/London

  2. I can’t draw or paint and I find it difficult to channel spirit. I’m not always sure if I’m doing things right. You showed me how to relax and how to know when spirit is speaking to me. I felt very safe as you have so much knowledge that I knew if I made a mistake it could be easily fixed! I’m amazed thank you!!! Jo/London

  3. At first I thought that the course was quite pricey, but then when I attended the course I understood. Not only are you getting constant attention, techniques and support, but there is contact after the course. I like how you want people to succeed and help me be able to be successful in my business. I now feel you charge too little for everything I have received from this course! Thank you! Kerry/West Sussex

  4. The course is definitely not what I expected! I’ve attended so many spiritual classes that are light and fluffy! Which is great as I LOVE angels and fairies and working with spirit. You showed me the balanced side in how us humans interfere and grounding basics. I always thought you just let things come to you – which is part of it. You showed me how to help myself with spirit. I worked and cleared so much emotional hurt that I didn’t know from childhood that came to the surface and I felt so safe knowing you were there to guide me with support. I can now say – I CAN PAINT!!!! In proportion of course! Thank you Jean/Storrington

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