Online spiritual painting courses

The online spiritual painting courses is for people all over the world & who cannot get to the retreats

How does it work?

  • The girls second day of transformatiion www.angeldivinity.comChoose a specific course you like by looking at the drop down menu.
  • Choose the option to buy the link for the course.
  • You are offered extra options if you would like feedback, channelled messages from what you have painted.
  • Once payment has been received and cleared, you are sent a link to access your course online in the comfort of your home.
  • On the drop down menu and depending which option you choose, you are given information about what is covered & how you will grow emotionally as well as spiritually with your spiritual beings..
  • This course is great if you are wanting to push yourself outside of your comfort zone & grow emotionally, spiritually and mentally.
  • Support, spiritual guidance is offered via skype and email
  • Have a look at our student’s artwork

What support you receive:

  • Visual demonstration video to guide you through each class
  • 30 Minutes Skype calls after each session (optional)
  • Reading and feedback from your painting



3 thoughts on “Online spiritual painting courses

  1. Thank you Justine – I loved this course!!! I wish I could of done it with you in person, but I am too far away. The visual online classes are step by step and allowed me to do it in my time. I was amazed how I actually got to channel and create!!!! It is always best to be in a class – but I still felt like I was in the class when doing the classes online. Much love to you. Tara/London

  2. I am in no way a painter!!! In fact I’m very scared!!! What I liked about this course was that I didn’t feel under pressure in a class room or compare myself to other students so I could pause and do it over and over until I was happy with the outcome! I CREATED!!!! Thank you – love your voice – its very soothing! Jennifer/London

  3. You have so much background knowledge on the subject of art and you taught me how to relax as well as not control. Emotions certainly came up for me – but I like how you supported me on the phone when I needed a chat. Thank you J xxxx Bethany/Brighton

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