Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual retreats offered allowing you to get away, relax and at a cost effective price!


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Retreats

  1. What fun!! Nice and light and conductive to trying out something new. I don’t draw and you created a very safe space to explore. Lovely meditations and lovely space. I’m not good with visualisation – would have been better for me to do a bit more relaxation before to help me get over myself. A pleasure to meet you and hope we cross paths again. Namaste L

  2. Dear Justine, Thank you for such a special day. It was unique and a wonderful experience and I am thrilled to have connected with and drawn Sam, my guardian angel and am very grateful to you for giving this space. Love and light S.

  3. Justine, Thank you for such a lovely time, your art classes are magical, inspirational and a spiritual pathway. I look forward to the fun we always have and the freedom to paint in a liberating way which always brings so much spiritual enlightenment and manifests in wonderful paintings. I love working with you and passing through any challenging bits with a sense of curiosity. Keep doing what you do ! Its Great!! Love J. xxx

  4. Hi Justine, Firstly want to say miss ur energy… Was looking through your courses and really want to come and paint again, and i saw my painting of Alexandra when i came and did the ‘Painting while in Meditation’ course in 2009, Was absolutley brilliant, have had a few revelations with him/her and have found out he is The winged Messenger, would love to get to know him better but am finding it difficult.. Think i may book for October..:) Maria Peace Love & Light x

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