Angelic reiki

Offering angelic reiki for both people and animals. Not all practitioners feel comfortable offering healing with animals, please ask the practitioners directly.

Angels, archangels, ascended masters and galactic healers are powerful healers. We work and channel these amazing individuals to accelerate healing on all levels from physical, emotional to mental. The spiritual healers work healing the core issues, whilst we are honoured to be channels for their miracles.


How does the healing work? When you have paid, please email for a booking slot. If you are not sure which type of healing to choose email us with subject type of healing needed and I can help you choose.

Type of healing

List for the angelic practitioners in your area:

It is with great pleasure to announce that we have a trusted list of angelic reiki practitioners who respect the angelic reiki principles. They are in various areas. Some of them are willing to travel to you. Please ask them directly.

Justine – 075 40 999 875 – Working with people and (animals – for free)

Ferring/Worthing/ Arundel
Ari – 0754 0349 876

Jodi – 0772 526 9742

Jane – 01798 867 306 / 0759 368 3976


Jean – 07776 200 306




10 thoughts on “Angelic reiki

  1. Dear Justine, During our treatment I felt a very powerful energy and feeling of being lighter and lifting myself but managed to reconnect and ground. VERY powerful. I also experienced third eye visions of colours and a feeling of someone close to my left side. I also felt an injection and cold feeling move over my body which after was explained to me why. The environment for me was lovely. A very enjoyable experience and was nice to stay afterwards and talk about what was experienced which really helps. Thank u much love. Sam

  2. Wonderful and relaxing. A greater understanding achieved. Relaxed and feeling that something important has happened. Thank you xxx Helen

  3. Thank you so much for the angelic reiki. It was amazingly relaxing, centering and transforming. I felt connected to the angelic realms very quickly and understood their messages with your support and help. You are an amazing channeller of healing light and love. It has been an honour to have such blessings through you. Love and hugs Kathy x

  4. Thank you so much for the wonderful calm, peaceful space you created. I felt very safe and secure and the presence of the angels working through you was blissful and loving. Thank you for all your warmth and kindness and thank the angels for their powerful healing too. Helen xx

  5. Justine, I arrived stressed and tired and emotional. Spending time here has grounded me and given me clear visions for my future. Self belief and peace. Releasing anger, resentment and fear. Personal growth and intense strength has been gained and clarity. Releasing my past is giving me space to create an amazing positive future. I didn’t feel this as white and fluffy – quite serious to help me on my path – xxx D.

  6. Hi , from the moment i arrived I was very welcome, the room had a wonderful atmosphere. I felt very happy and save. During the healing I was calm a wonderful experience xxx Claire

  7. Thank you so much, the healing was amazing and has helped me enormously. I could certainly recommend your work. I am sure we will link together in the future. Blessings Caroline xx

  8. Thank you for the warm, peaceful love that has been passed from the angels. I am feeling full of hope, calm, peaceful and strong xxx Joanne xx

  9. Thank you for treatments – all i do is fall asleep and love it – it totally relaxes me. I may not sit in your meditations but like to be practised on with angelic reiki xxx D

  10. I arrived bery excited as I had experienced reiki before but no real expectations of the ‘angelic’ part of it. Lovely beautiful session. A safe, extemely safe place. Calm and perfect. During my release I felt very emotional and wandered if I may leave the session feeling low and heavy. I couldn’t have been more wrong! Through the love and guidance I went from tearful to lighter and at peace within minutes. I’m leaving this session, not only looking forward to coming again, but floaty, sparkly and a full heart. Thank you so very much xxx

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