Spiritual development coaching programme

Spiritual development coaching program gives you various tools you can use helping you face personal illusions & deal with personal obstacles whilst connected with the spiritual beings.

Individuals have found they have gained clarity as well as transformation in a short time. They have learnt how to listen more intuitively to themselves whilst connected with spirit and letting go of that which no longer serves purpose.

Only connecting once a month encourages you to learn and grow using tools given to move you forward.

Sessions are done via skype or in person. There are 12 sessions in total for which you only pay for 10. Please read below for further information.


 Pay off scheme available – please look at the bottom of the page

Who can benefit:

    • Individuals wanting to improve in confidence
    • Dealing with past trauma
    • Individuals wanting to make a success in their business
    • Individuals wanting to develop spiritually to have the tools to help others
    • Individuals who want to take their personal healing to another level
    • Children & adults
Program tutored via Skype for 2 hours every four weeks – installment plan below:

Coaching program
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout £125.00 GBP
Every 4 weeks (x 3) £125.00 GBP
Total £500.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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Online audio program with 60 minute sessions after every lesson:

Coaching program option2
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout
Due* Amount
At checkout £120.00 GBP
Every 4 weeks (x 3) £100.00 GBP
Total £420.00 GBP
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.
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4 thoughts on “Spiritual development coaching programme

  1. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Justine and the gorgeous beautiful angels and beings that have guided and helped me to transform my life over the past year since taking my Angelic Reiki 1 & 2 and participating in regular monthly 1:1 sessions. Not only have I made lots of new friends, built up my confidence and had lots of fun and lots of new experiences, I now see clearly what and where I’m going and feel such strength to push forward with my life purpose. Thank you for such blessings and guidance. I look forward to working even more on myself in the future 1:1s and to opening the doors that once before i could not face. Thank you with all my heart. xx

    Bless you sweet J

  2. I started the one to one programme after I had done my angelic reiki 3 @ 4 I found that there was so much coming up for me. I found that there was quite a lot I wasn’t willing to accept, love about myself and I found the people who were my friends at the time were very horrible, gossiped, judged and critisized others and angry as well as thinking in ‘lack’ all the time.Justine did offer to do this over skype – which it can be done, but I was close enough to see her in person. After I was about 4 sessions into the programme I realised where I was doing everything I accused my friends of doing and I wasn’t forgiving or loving that part of myself, instead placing blame on them. Our conversations were always how things were supposed to be ‘cheap’ and if anything was expensive it would be brought up. I never used to spend money on myself and go for treatments because I always thought that the money had to go somewhere else. After I started the programme in the 7th session I realised how I was manifesting and only thinking of money in lack. I now look at the balance and how much I receive when I give. At first I thought the sessions were expensive too, but realised it was blocking ways to invest in myself and the minute I started I affirmed that I would have the finance to do this programme and every month it appeared. I now see that what I pay I get a lot more and realise it was all from my lack. I see Justine for 2 hours and I constantly email or phone when I need help and she is always there for me – but more than ever I am starting to be there for myself now and I can now help others see this too. At first I was very defensive and Justine would push me and I would come home irritated with her because I wasn’t willing to accept the ‘truths’ about myself – wow this is a breakthrough! I started the programme and after the first session I found it was bringing up so much anger in me because you learn so much of what you are still doing.What you think you are not doing you have a huge wake up too as you realise you are still doing it in some way and the more you say you aren’t doing things, the more you actually are – I found out how to just love those parts of me that stopped me judging what I wasn’t loving and I am at a much better place. How Justine works is she asks you to read a book one chapter at a time and it is to show you how she thinks – take it from me – you must read each chapter before you see her as it is very powerful and puts so much into perspective – i realised where I complain a lot and that I am human. The chapters also get you out of victim and blame mode and if you don’t read them before you see her you can’t face your personal illusions that you are both aware or unaware of. The book kind of brought stuff up for me and because Justine only sees you 2 hours I realised I needed to do homework on myself so that when ‘big’ stuff came up we could get right to healing it and not waste time which is what I was doing in the beginning. Justine then gives you tools she has been using on herself to take home so that when things do come up that especially make you angry you can take responsibility and face them. I find I am still learning to practise what I learnt in the first session and each session builds on one another. I also feel relaxed now that I am constantly practising on myself and some days I don’t feel like practising which Justine was explaining, but I get back up and when I am vulnerable love that part in me which is part of the tools I have been learning. I feel like I am not afraid now to face some deep stuff and the things that I am scared to face I approach with Justine in our one to one – especially in the beginning. I now know it is not up to Justine to change me – it is up to me to change me. I’m not going to lie, there have been sessions where I have been in tears and very angry with myself and even at Justine because I didn’t want to face quite a lot. I now see where I am creating illusions around myself and that every person I interact with is about me and me concerntrating on myself, how they are in my life to help me grow – not to put myself aside and to not tell people freely what I have studied in. I now attract clients who are experiencing the same who want to grow and I feel more confident in myself to support them too. When I say support I mean that I don’t take away their experience as they are more than capable to live their lives. I’ve just learned to see where I control too much. She informed me in the beginning that the book and the tools don’t link which is true – meaning the book gets you get real with yourself and I found some chapters quite hard to accept or process but thats why you have a month to read over the one chapter over and over – so have a pen and paper ready. I felt if the chapter was hard to process it was because I was finding it hard to move something in my life. The tools she gave me were quick processes and pictures to deal with my stuff – after all I can’t expect her to do the work lol. Thanks Justine, this has been a journey that has been very scary, but I felt very supported and now feel confident to do things I have never thought of trying before. Yes, i know I will always be working on myself, but I now look at it as what am I growing and developing every day in my life xxx D

  3. After being introduced to Justine by a caring friend and having had two sessions of angelic reiki, I knew instinctively that I needed to break down the barriers that have been keeping me from experiencing my true and enlightened self. The way forward for me, along with Justines positive,caring and intuitive direction, was ‘The Breakthrough Experience”.
    I knew it wouldn’t be easy!At times it’s been uncomfortably challenging and unsettling but then ,of course,there have been many ‘light bulb’ moments and obvious revelations which have propelled me forward on my journey of life.
    This journey sure is an ‘experience’ but Justine gives you all the tools, guidance and support to cope and adjust along the way.There’s nothing ‘airy fairy’ and ‘fluffy’ about this programe.It’s real – I’ve got real! I’ve taken responsibility for my life and I’m enjoying my transformation.”

    “I have had reiki before but after my angelic reiki session with Justine, I felt very peaceful, ‘lighter’ and hugely uplifted!
    There has been an obvious ‘shift’ in my life – at last I am on the path to discover my true and enlightened self

  4. WOW! I will say that this program has pushed my beliefs and personal illusions completely out the water. I started doing the program which showed me just how much deep hurt I had. This gave me information and guidance to focus as well as accept counselling sessions. I decided to stop the program after 3 sessions because I needed to work through personal hurt. When I was ready, I signed up and carried on with the program. I do highly recommend that you have a counselor or someone to coach you as you deal with your emotions. It is suggested before you start the online course. Some how feel now if only I took the 2 hour skype sessions one to one. Other than that – this has sure pushed me out my comfort zone and I am really happy I did this. I feel you are patient and nurturing but challenged me when I was not wanting to face things at in a safe space. Thank you!!! big hugs Ann x

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