Workshop dates


 Angel Courses Date Time Price
Angelic reiki 1 & 2 23/24 May 10am – 5/6pm £252
Angelic reiki 1 & 2 01/02  Aug 10am – 5/6pm £252
Angelic reiki 1 & 2 03/04 Oct 10am – 5/6pm £252
 Angelic reiki 3 & 4  7/8/9 Aug  10am – 4/5pm  £450


How to go from beginner to pro as a psychic artist

There are 3 weekends: Please click here for info about the course


May – 30/31 – £200  –  Course 1

June – 27/28 – £200 – Course 2

July – 25/26 – £200  – Course 3


Painting Courses Date Time
Spiritual painting retreat – £120 (£60 per day) 11/12 April   TBA
Spiritual painting retreat – £120 (£60 per day) 11/12 July   TBA
Spiritual painting retreat – £120 (£60 per day) 22/23 Aug    TBA
 Spiritual painting retreat – £120 (£60 per day) 5/6 Sept  TBA

Online spiritual painting course

  • Please click here for info about the course



How to develop your psychic & healing abilities with the angels and fairies                    Online monthly webinar course 7h30pm – 8h30pm – pls click here for info

  • Jan 28th – How angels and fairies communicate with you – £10
  • Feb 25th – Protection & respect when working with angels & fairies – £10
  • Mar 25th – Developing sight with angels & fairies – £10
  • Apr 29th  – Developing sound with angels & fairies – £10
  • May 27th – Developing touch with angels & fairies – £10
  • June 24th – Developing taste with angels & fairies – £10
  • July 29th – Developing smell with angels & fairies – £10
  • Aug 26th – Developing spiritual common sense with angels & fairies – £10
  • Sept 30th – Developing intuitive sense with angels & fairies – £10
  • Oct 28th – Healing with animals with the angels & fairies – £10
  • Nov 25th – Healing the body with angels & fairies – £10
  • Dec 30th – How to feed back information from the angels & fairies in your healing sessions – £10
  • For mini tasters before doing the class please click here

It is advisable to come to a meditation evening to receive a taster before doing an angelic reiki course. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and meet the facilitator. Working with angelic reiki is a choice to work on yourself.

Meditation evening dates: Worthing £10

  • Jan – 30th
  • Feb – 27th
  • Mar – 27th
  • Apr – 24th
  • May – 29th
  • Jun – 26th
  • Jul – 31st
  • Aug – 28th
  • Sept – 25th
  • Oct – 30th
  • Nov -27th

If you would like to go on the txt reminder – send us your mobile no.Follow us on Facebook!/pages/Angel-Divinity/274899485267

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4 thoughts on “Workshop dates

  1. This was my first ever meeting. It was lovely to be surrounded by like minded and loving people. I felt completely safe and secure – like as a child – free of complication. The meditations were beautiful journeys. The healing was powerful – I felt angel hands all over me from beginning to end, cleansing me. I was surrounded by huge amounts of deep blue light. Justine said that Angel Michael was present for a large part of the meeting. He has great significance for me and has appeared several times to me. I took home with me the Angel Michael spray, which I use most nights to remind me of this incredible evening. I have felt for a long time that there is a shift happening in the world – my friend and I talk about it often. We have to save ourselves from the selves of today by thinking and believing in a higher energy to enable this shift to continue. Since this meeting – I see little lights appearing – these are messages to me! I look forward to the next meeting. xxxxx ”

    — Nina Mills on May 31, 2011.

  2. Friday’s meditation was special. Our group has a powerful energy and we all connect so beautifully. Our journey to Avalon and the connection to, and the healing of, animals was so relevant for me as animal welfare has always been such a passion of mine. It was an amazing experience. Thank you Justine for your healing, your passion and your beauty. Love and Blessings xx Deirdre

  3. I have been to 4 meditations and all have been beautiful. This friday 22nd March was very special, very moving and powerful. At one time i was in the presence of an ascended master who turned and looked directly at me from a group of other masters. I now truly know the feeling of unconditional love. A humbling experience but also a strengthening one. Many thanks Justine for making this experience possible. x x Lynda

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