Angelic reiki 3 & 4 Trainers

This workshop is available to those who have taken the Angelic Reiki 1 and 2 attunements and are ready to progress to the next stage, either for personal development or to teach Angelic Reiki.

This workshop is a powerful experience and lays the ground for the incoming Galactic Energy of Ascension. As Angelic Reiki Teachers you can be assured that the Angels will be with you in every workshop you teach and be absolutely confident the Angels will support you in any attunements you facilitate.

 This workshop includes:

Revisiting healing techniques learned in the 1&2 workshops

Opportunities to share healing experiences

Healing through eye contact as used in Atlantis

 Healing with the Soul Group energies

 Healing with the energies of the Divine Presence & the Divine Blessing.

During the workshop all participants will move into the area of healing that will become paramount on this planet in the next few years, 13 symbols are given in this workshop, which are a gateway to multidimensional healing.

In the 4th Degree attunement, Lord Melchizadek, the Universal Logos, will anchor the symbols into each participant at universal level .

 An attunement to all the Rays of God available in this Universe will also be given as a gift of love from the Angelic Kingdom of LightParticipants will also be taught how to pass and teach this information to others.

 The symbols given will be activated to Angelic level, through the 7 levels of formand divine form, by the Archangel Metatron, as well as the higher gifts given bythe Sarim, the Archangelic Princes of the Angelic Kingdom. Full attunement toAngelic Reiki 3rd and 4th Degree level Your Master Crystal will be further programmed to hold the Divine Angelic Codes of Healing given in this workshop.

 Instruction how to give attunements.

Advice on workshop and teaching practicalities

 A comprehensive Master Teacher Manual

 A Master Teacher Certificate will be issued to you on completion of the course which enables you to work professionally and teach this unique system of healing

Pay off schemes are available – please ask for further details



2 thoughts on “Angelic reiki 3 & 4 Trainers

  1. I just want to thank you for the 3 and 4. I now understand how the two courses are different and at the time didn’t fully understand. The one and two were about me focusing on myself, big realisations and awakenings. We touched on the healings, but not as intensely as working on myself – my faith increased with the 1 and 2 and what i was not wanting to acknowledge completely opened. In the 3 and 4 how I knew I was ready was when I had this urge to push forward as if I was ready to take responsibility to face other personal challenges in myself. I experienced a differnt level and felt that I could feel more confident in especially the physic surgery, past life regression and connecting with loved ones passed over. I do see how waiting to do the 3 and 4 has paid off and how I knew i was ready was I wasn’t wanting to do the 3 and 4 out of just doing a course – but because i was starting to love and accept myself and the work I am meant to be doing. I decided to wait 9 months before I did the 3 and 4. I was even admitting or you could say being honest with myself on things I would of never acknowledged or been too scared to admit. I liked that I was challenged on my personal illusions which got me to free or release blockages I have been not allowing myself to let go of. It is not just a course and a certificate – it is a growth and transformation within if you are willing to grow. I don’t see this as white and fluffy angels – and now have a deeper respect for the spiritual world. I now see how I create my life and the experiences around me. At first i thought I had to do many courses to ‘know’ what to do. What I found is that I now do far less courses and now listen to when the spiritual guides take me to books or other ways to learn. I find I am now trusting the spiritual beings coming through giving me the information and the more I control, the more I push away knowledge. I found in one experience I was being asked by spiritual beings to do a sweep like motion across the person’s body and put it in a bucket. I eventually found out it is actually known as the ‘sweeping’ or clear out of old aura debris which I read in a book. How was I supposed to know this? I was quite amazed as I realised that sometimes we think we need to know everything – but I now trust the tools come to me as and when I need them. Thank you for the safe atmosphere, the food and I loved my presents 🙂 ticked all my boxes to feel safe xxx

  2. WOW!!! you most certainly do push people out of their comfort zones!!! I now feel safe to start teaching and feel you give a lot of techniques I can help my students with. I know this is not light and fluffy and I now see working on myself is a daily process – very grateful to have met you!!! Thank you for giving me so much support to start my training – I love that you want to see me succeed in my work with clients! Jenny/London

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