Spiritual Painting Workshops

Many people say that they do not know how to paint or draw.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhen working with spirit, they are correct, as you will not be the one drawing and painting, you are the paintbrush and the spiritual beings are the information/guidance.  As long as you are willing to listen to the spiritual beings who paint through you and trust their guidance, you will achieve and heal whilst painting. On this page are images of people’s paintings who informed me they ‘could not’ paint, but only listened.

There are only small groups of 4-6

The dates given are forecast as they are booked quickly. If you would like to organize your own group of 4 – 6 on a weekend or week day that suits you, please email us for possible dates.





We have now relocated to Worthing West Sussex if you need to organize

student www.angeldivinity.comaccommodation.

Post code is BN14 9NN

Small groups ensure personalized tuition and supported guidance with Justine the tutor. For possible dates, please email and please look at the students work as well as feedback from their painting experience.

Please click on the link below to open the dates:

Dates for 2015

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3 thoughts on “Spiritual Painting Workshops

  1. I am thrilled to bits, my stay has been warm, friendly and homely. The food has been fabulous. The whole place including the garden has a peaceful and comfortable feeling. Justine has a beautiful spiritual presence, full of love and grace. The painting course was fantastic. I couldn’t believe I could paint like that, I was so overwhelmed! Justine included so much with meditations and cord cutting and angelic reiki. Well worth the money. I was so chilled out and relaxed and really needed it. Darren, her husband was very welcoming and friendly and really good at fixing cars. Will definately come again. Thank you both for a lovely stay. MG. Northhampton

  2. As a glass painter, I am free spirited in my designs and vision and very conscious of the products I work with. My hand must be incredibly steady and I must be careful, often quick and extremely exact in my approach to creating my designs how I have envisaged them.

    Justine and I found our way into each other’s lives through meditation and angelic reiki healing and it was then that I discovered that Justine teaches angelic reiki painting.

    This was exactly what I needed, to expand myself, let go and just be at one with the paints, freeing my whole being and allowing my energies to flood through massive brush strokes, sweeping movement and expression.

    The start of my morning with Justine was, as ever in her presence, calm and focussed in our approach to meditation and welcoming of the spirits. Justine spoke for a while, we thanked them for their love and light and then……to the painting!

    I have never ever used acrylic paints on canvas before, had no idea what to expect and, with guidance on how to remain ‘non-controlling’ in terms of any idea of designs and just sweep the colours across the canvas, just believed, had enormous amounts of fun and let it happen.

    Justine asked me to step away from my work from time to time, ( I think especially when she thought I may have been trying to take control of the design a bit!) and to see what was beginning to appear on the canvas, turning it 90 degrees at a time to see if shapes and suggestions appeared through the colour – which they did.

    My canvas then remained ‘upside down’ and I worked on the shape that seemed to form itself somehow – a beautiful graceful spirit, just hanging in the air, a sense of divine being, a gentle presence, a beautiful winged angel appeared!

    I just couldn’t believe what had happened and how I had managed to paint this beautiful creature. Justine helped me to paint her face, showing such subtle techniques to achieve – well, you can see for your self. Truly wonder, truly rewarding and truly inspiring.

    She – Angel Blue – hangs in my living room – it is like I created her onto canvas so that she can now give a caring, loving and protective presence for me and my son.

    My glass painting, to date, has usually started with my sketching outlines, then transferring these outlines into gold or silver onto the glass before filling in and flooding specific areas with glass paints to create what ever the design is.

    I now bring to my work shop a complete sense of freedom, I tend now, not to outline anything and am totally free with the glass paints – they do have such a will of their own and tend to blend into each other much more than acrylic or oil would do, however, this art in itself, is continuously freeing for me and the effects this now has with my work is incredible.

    I thank Justine for enabling me to discover this within myself, in a safe, trusted and loving environment. Much love and light dear Justine.xxx

  3. WOW!!! Definitely not for the faint heart!!! You are certainly pushed emotionally – but I feel as if a huge rock has lifted and I have a clearer vision! Thank you so much! Sue/Worthing

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